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Discover the love within you in all its facets

A playful photo journey to your true nature

Would you like to make the hidden and slumbering qualities within you visible? Would you like to get to know yourself in a new way and discover the potential in you?

This photographic exploration journey gives you the opportunity to do that.

In our photo session I share my mindfulness and love with you. We meet at a place where there is no right and wrong. At a place that is filled with humanity and love. This place is everywhere. It can be in your home, at your favorite spot, in the studio or in nature.

During the photo session you experience what is. What is inside of you. In this creative game you get the opportunity to discover new sides of you. A play in the moment. And every moment is new. In the Here and Now. In this moment you connect with what is real and true. You really feel this unique moment.

I catch these moments with my camera. Your authenticity exactly in that moment. That moment of truth and love. Now you get the chance to look into this, your own, mirror. To accept and love this image of yourself. The chance to look into the mirror of my camera and to see and love every aspect, every facet of yourself. To let go of the image you believed yourself to be and to discover yourself freshly like a child. The more you are going to love yourself again.

Together we play and dance like two carefree children. Become a child again. Free, wild, daring and happy. Just like that. Let’s wake up what has been suppressed by your education and environment. All the feelings we weren’t allowed to live and feel as children.

Let’s rediscover and revive the little girl and the little boy. Become aware of this feeling of vulnerability. Feel it inside of you, embrace it, love it and bring it into the light.

Me and my camera can assist you in making these feelings visible. Together we can bring your hidden qualities back into the light. So that the image you have of yourself can come back to its originality and naturalness. By looking into the mirror of my lens you can accept yourself just as you are.

At the end of this photographic exploration journey you receive authentic pictures of your being. You get the opportunity to see yourself with new eyes. Your energy and your authentic light. Pictures that show your inner essence. They support you to let go of what you believed yourself to be and give you more self-confidence and intimacy with yourself and others.

Are you ready for this playful journey and the look into the mirror of my camera? Just drop me a mail or call me directly. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Soul Portrait

Through my own inner exploration in the last years I have learned to love myself more and to see my surroundings clearly and without judgment. Perceiving the beauty of every single human being and our planet consciously. From this relaxed and loving space I can take pictures of your authentic core and your human essence. These portraits give others a real and honest impression. No matter whether you would like to use the portraits only for yourself or for your business.

Photography is a wonderful tool to make the invisible visible and to bring things back into the light. To really know what happens inside of me and how it feels like to be standing in front of the camera I also made this experiment of being photographed. In the beginning I felt a big insecurity and nervousness. My mind told me: “Uli, someone is taking picture of you. You have to be cool now. Put on your most beautiful smile. Am I looking good today? What are the others going to think about me if I’m not easy now?” And so on. Every being expresses this differently. What becomes visible is my deep vulnerability. But it’s exactly here where the big present lies!
As a child I was told I must not be insecure. I had to be strong. I was never allowed to really feel my insecurity. “Learned” as a child that this was no good. Each time I ignored my insecurity and covered it up with strength. It never worked. Insecurity showed up in my life again and again. Until I started allowing and accepting this feeling. “Hello insecurity, I see you, I feel and respect you. Let’s become friends. I embrace you and give you all my love. I love you.”

In this inner dialogue the insecurity finally feels recognized, perceived and felt. So many times it wanted my attention and was pushed aside. Now the feeling of insecurity can relax and healing is happening. The Insecurity feels loved and safe. The more we become aware of all the feelings that we suppressed and pushed aside the more we get closer to our natural originality. Back to our inner child. We relax, perceive the love for ourselves and are dancing with the world again. Love heals all wounds.

During our photo session I offer you a relaxed and loving space in which you can feel good. While you are looking into the mirror of my camera I support you to accept yourself just like you are so that your inner joy can shine through the pictures!

Soul Business

You have a matter of the heart, a business, a mission, are using your energy and creativity in your business for the good of the world and human beings, you are bored by the usual portraits and advertisement that are only a façade – then I’m happy to support you with authentic and soulful pictures so that your work can shine into the world and attract likeminded clients. Before the session I can also help you with an intuitive conceptual coaching to find out which kind of pictures you need and which type of visual message support your business the most.

Additionally, you can benefit from my personal network of people who also focus their work on a healthy, compassionate world. These friends are at home in areas such as coaching, healing and energetic support, the Arts, web design, graphic design, copywriting, movies and SEO. I can assist you in putting a team together that can fulfill the exact needs of your project.


Catching atmospheres and moods is one of my strengths. Honest, authentic and soulful. I do this in a very calm way. With my camera I am a silent witness and compassionate animateur. This makes special and emotional pictures possible. If you wish I can turn these pictures into a slide show with music.


To reach the hearts of more people with your Soul Business and your Soul Event in an even more emotional way I create slide shows using music as background. This way it is not even necessary to produce videos. Feel into it while you take a look at one of my slide shows…


 Fine Art Prints and Digital Photos

Almost all the pictures on my website can be purchased as prints – either on canvas or on other materials in many different formats. For private use or your Soul Business you can also buy a digital copy of my pictures. Just write me an email with the name of the picture and I’ll mail a price list and make you an offer.


I support Fullyseen, the heart project of my dear friend Antonia Wibke Heidelmann, with my photography. In case you feel drawn to this approach Wibke and I are looking forward to your call or email. Here you can get an idea of our completed projects:

Inbody Solution - Jane Rother // RohStoffReich - DhanaLakshmi // Julia Wang Fashion // Praxis - Klaus Wessels

Editorial Documentations

With my photography I would like to support magazines and social projects who work in fields that matter to me:

Children / Nature / The Beauty of our Planet / Humanity / Spirituality / Music and Dance / Indigenous Peoples / Compassion and Love / Relationships / The Inner Child / Art and Creativity

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