Souls in Love & Truth

Souls in Love & Truth

Impressionen eines 3 wöchigen Retreats mit Aisha Salem in Orgiva

Hoch in den Bergen trafen sich 20 Menschen, um die volle Wahrheit zu umarmen und alles in Liebe zu verbrennen, was in unserem Sinnessystem verschmutzt ist.

„The impersonal reality must be seen, in the recognition of the heart, to have nothing outside itself. It means that the whole body and everything within the person is delivered to the recognition of Self as God and thereby stands as the total relaxation into Trust in Life, which allows the body to start operating according to Love without Any controller or controlling instance apart from Love itself. It is literally a deletion of the body's human software and the installing of God-software, which makes the living life itself becomes a reflection of the fearless and a pure relaxation and playout of Love.“ ~ Aisha Salem

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